Go1.11rc2, building a Slack chess bot and building games with Go

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Introduction to Go Modules


Version 1.11 of the Go programming language brings experimental support for modules, a new dependency management system for Go.

The anatomy of functions in Go


A function in general is a small piece of code that is dedicated to a perform particular task based on some input values. By Uday Hiwarale.

Refactoring in Go: Using reflection


Go’s reflection API is quite unknown for many devs, but it can definitely come in handy. We’ll use Go’s reflection in a scenario that should feel familiar. By Sergi Mansilla.

Golang Context package in simple language


There are two classic ways to control concurrency. One is WaitGroup and the other is Context. I will talk about Context.


Profiling gin with pprof


I use pprof on mouthful to try and see if I can squeeze out some performance. It turns out I can. By Viktoras Kuznecovas.

Moving from Python to Go


Recently, I was asked to pick up Go for a query understanding project (I have been writing about this in my other blogs). By Sanket Gupta.

Building a Chess bot for Slack


With Atlassian’s announcement suspending development of Stride and stop backing Hipchat in favor of Slack, time was right to learn and test Slack integrations.

Just port a Golang game to Android


Everything you should know to port Golang game to Android.

Create a simple cross-platform desktop game with Go


A few months ago I fiddled around with writing Space Invaders using Go. By Sau Sheong.

Regular expressions and in-place slice manipulation in Go


Regular expressions are very useful for parsing strings. If you need to replace a substring or split up an array, you should consider using regular expressions. By Joshua Haupt.


Localization in Go — Part 1


Currently, Go’s standard package doesn’t provide localization support, so I wrote a simple blog post on some steps we need to be able to implement it.

Putting Together a Golang App Part II


We’ll configure our app for a different environment, setup a database connection and write some utility packages that we’ll use throughout the whole app.

Build a Multiplayer Game in Go with PubNub


How to create your own mutliplayer race game with PubNub and the Go programming language. By Chandler Mayo.

Build your own Blockchain Twitter recorder in Go


Remember to join our Telegram chat! You might learn a thing or two from our active blockchain development community :-) By Coral Health.

Configuring web app deployment on Go for Gitlab on VDS


This article is the result of a week-long search of very scattered information about how to configure the web service de-job on Go.

Develop to-do app with Golang and Angular — Part 1


Part 1: Go API backend. In this series, develop a to-do list app with Golang and Angular using the Gin framework and securing authentication with Auth0. By Auth0.

Start with Golang (part 2) — Build a Go API — Hello, world!


Clone Disqus by Golang with Gorilla Mux, GORM. Easy deploy and run extremely fast. By Huỳnh Minh Tú.


The Gopher way — My New Roots


My journey from Python to Golang via Node.js. By Naveen Kumar Sangi.

PouchContainer Engineering Quality Practice


As PouchContainer keeps iterating and improving functions, the project scale grows larger, attracting many external developers for project participation. By Alibaba Cloud.


We need to talk about Go modules


This is an update and adaptation of the talk i gave at GoSF in July. It explores the single most far-reaching problem in the new modules system of Go 1.11.

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