Master the World of Angular — Issue #16

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Master the World of Angular. Each week Andrey Kutsenko serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.

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News & fundamentals

JavaScript Theory: Promise vs Observable

The RxJS is currently by far the hottest JavaScript library which is widely used especially in Angular single page applications. By Wojciech Trawiński.

Apps That Work Natively on the Web and Mobile

Today we’re happy to announce an exciting new way to build web and mobile apps with Angular and NativeScript. By Sebastian Witalec.

Apollo-Angular 1.2 — using GraphQL just got a whole lot easier

Check what’s new in Apollo Angular and how to get the potential benefits of using Angular + GraphQL + TypeScript combined, with GraphQL-Code-Generator. By Kamil Kisiela.


Build a Tilemap with Angular 6

Show a tilemap and being able to select tiles, both on desktop and mobile. I found a problem that included the touch event, some CSS and many div tags. By Gabrielle Huëbra.

Our Journey in Angular: from Ngrx to Akita

A few weeks ago I gave a lecture here in Israel in which I presented Akita and talked about why did we decide to develop a state manager of our own. By Ido Glikman.

Global error handling with Angular and NGRX

Every web apps needs error handling. How the error is handled can be very specific and the UX around error handling can vary a lot. By Marko Francekovic.

Angular directive selectors can do more than you think!

If you ever created an Angular directive, you probably used the brackets ([]) notation as selector. Mostly it’s the preferred way, but not a requirement. By Tomasz Kula.

Image optimization — Lazy Loading for Angular using lazysizes

Images optimization is very important. They often have very large file sizes and they take a big amount of internet bandwidth. By Tommy Bernaciak.

Replicate Airbnb’s location area display by geocoding in Angular

Have you thought about integrating Google Maps into your project? Do you know how to geocode a location? It’s not that hard. All it takes is 20 minutes. By Filip Jerga.


Real Time Example of NGRX + Angular

Couldn’t find any real-time example application of NGRX except increment and decrement. So in my article we will follow the real-time scenario. By Nikhil Kapoor.

Develop To-Do App with Golang and Angular — Part 1

Part 1 — Golang API backend. In this series, develop a to-do list app with Golang and Angular using the Gin framework and securing authentication with Auth0. By Auth0.

Plan your next party with an Angular invite app using Akita

So, you’re planning a party, and you want to write a small app to help you manage all the invites. Akita to the rescue! By Inbal Sinai.

Custom form validators in Angular 6 using regular expressions

While Angular does provide various input field validators (i.e. email), there are use cases where you will need to create your own validators. By Zeljko Radic.


RxJS Docs Migration — It’s So Easy! Beginner PRs Welcome

Learn how to help us migrate the RxJS docs with some super easy PRs in this video.

Using CSS Host-Context to theme components in Angular 6.1.3

Exploring theming in an Angular app, starting with :host-context() bindings which let you apply dynamic CSS styles on conditions that exist outside of components.

Fullstack apps with Angular 6 — Part 1: Setting up the projects

Welcome to Part 1! In this video, we create two Angular applications and a library to share code between them. We also add a shared navigation bar to the libraries.

Weekly · Andrey Kutsenko · August 24 · Join for free or add the newsletter rss