Master the World of Golang — Issue #19

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Master the World of Go. Each week Maarten Bezemer serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.


The anatomy of arrays in Go

An array is a collection of same data type. For example, an array of integers or array of strings. By Uday Hiwarale.

Introduction to OOP in Golang

I’m going to talk about the basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) constructions written in Golang. By Rafael Varago.

A gentle introduction to Golang Modules

Go 1.11 introduced a new concept of Modules which brings first class support for managing dependency versions and enabling reproducible builds. By Ukiah Danger Smith.

Introduction to Go for JavaScript developers

An introduction to the Go language for JavaScript developers. By Gil Amran.

Go’s Extended Concurrency: Semaphores (Part 1)

I’d like to give an honorable mention to a powerful Go synchronization primitive out in the wild that I find myself reaching for more and more: the semaphore. By Ralph Caraveo III.


Accessing data in Go

When writing a web application, we have to decide how to access data. Where to get it from, how to store it, how to manipulate it. By Piotr Husiatynski.

Clean Architecture in Go

Clean architecture is well known architecture these days. However, we may not know about details of the implementation very well. By Yusuke Hatanaka.

Port a Golang game to iOS

A way to build an actual iOS game with Golang. By ntop.


Things I wish I knew before I started using Go with JSON

This post is about the concepts that you must understand clearly before you set yourself for the task. By Marco Marongiu.

Designing voice- and text-based chatbots with personality

Messaging-based chatbots often need to share the user’s attention with other chatbots. By think moto.


Go 1.11 and WebAssembly

This is a guide for everyone who wants to unleash the power of Go not only for backend, but for frontend logic too. By VERF.IO.

Introduction to Fn with Go

Fn is a lightweight Docker-based serverless functions platform you can run on your laptop, server, or cloud.

Golang for e-commerce: intro, tools & live demo

Explore the Go ecosystem and its e-commerce options. Then, try our demo on Go-powered CMS Ponzu, and learn to craft a great shopping experience yourself! By Francis Cote.

A practical way to automate testing Oauth 2.0 service

Nowadays Oauth 2.0 has become the most commonly used authentication framework for Restful API services. By Angela T.T..


Golang jobs: where can you search for open positions

A list of websites with open Golang developer positions across the globe, onsite and remote. By Adrian B.G..

By Damian Gryski
By Damian Gryski


Getting Started with Protocol Buffers in Go

In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at how you can utilize the Protocol Buffers data format within your Go-based applications. By Elliot Forbes.

Grant Griffiths — Black Box monitoring in Go

You’ve set up your favorite monitoring agent on all of your services and you have incredible visibility into the internals of your infrastructure.

By Grant Griffiths


By Chad Loder
Weekly · Maarten Bezemer · Sept. 7 · Join for free or add the newsletter rss