Open sourcing Jexia’s JavaScript SDK and Angular integration module

By William Grasel

We are pleased to announce that we have open sourced our first JavaScript SDK and the Angular integration module. By making it open source, we want to show to our developer community what’s under the hood and build a stronger community.

Here at Jexia, we believe in open source as a way of accelerating innovation, learning from each other, and collaborating to build more developer centric solutions.

Besides our JavaScript SDK and Angular integration Module, we are looking to open source some other products as well. The SDK and the Angular integration Module is being licensed under MIT license.

Open source at Github

We are using GitHub to enable all of you to contribute to it as well. As you find issues in our code, from inconsistent style to bugs, you can file issues through the GitHub issue tracker. We’re really looking forward to your pull requests!

Our GitHub repo includes instructions on how you can contribute.

We’re really excited to see what you have built with Jexia’s Javascript SDK. To reach out to us with feedback, questions or suggestions, you can use our ticketing system after login, or you post your technical questions on Stack Overflow, and now on GitHub for SDK issues and pull requests!

Do you have any comments or questions? You can contact me via my Github profile.

By William Grasel, Software Engineer and Community Leader @ Jexia

Originally published at Jexia.

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