Project and folder structures, Eventbrite’s file uploaders & more

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Folder structure in React apps

With some major React users such as American Express and AMC Theatres, React apps must somehow be structured in a way easy to manage and scale. By Katia Sittmann.

Structuring a React project — a definitive guide

While some common patterns and conventions have been established recently, the React community stays away from standardizing a unified project structure. By Aditya Agarwal.


Redux for VanillaJS Microservices

It’s painful to see other teams still relying on “hand-rolled” VanillaJS solutions for even new microservices. By Inaki Anduaga.

Building an interactive fortnite map

I built a map application that displays Fortnite challenges on a map and in this article, I am writing about the approach. Here’s a demo! By Timothy Krechel.

Complex routing with React Native router flux

If you have to execute asynchronous actions which determine your navigation, then this may assist you. By Chad Nehemiah.

Creating flexible and reusable React file uploaders

The Event Creation team at Eventbrite needed a React based image uploader that would provide flexibility while presenting a straightforward user interface. By Eventbrite.

Creating a design system for ReactJS from scratch

Design systems are upon us. Everywhere you look, companies are releasing new fangled design systems with fancy names like Polaris, Lightning, or Carbon. By Ryosuke.

Strengthen TLS in React Native through certificate pinning

Simplifies certificate pinning for React Native apps to strengthen the integrity of mobile TLS networking and API connections. By Skip Hovsmith.


Create a great mobile SDK for your SaaS

A great way to boost retention is to get mobile developers to embed some of your code into their apps. By Christopher Garrett.

React Native scrollView expanding item animation

Today i’m gonna walk you through a simple example of an animation I needed to implement in Phytech’s mobile app. By Uri Klar.

Here’s how you unit test text input with React Native

So i’ve been searching around the usual Stack Overflow & Github issues haunts for an answer to how you use Jest, Enzyme and React Native together. By _Aid();

Architecture — organizing your React Application — Part 3

There are many ways to create a bridge between two lands which will allow you to move from A point to B or from B to A. By Nairi Haroutiounian.

Wrangling with Webpack : emergency-driven Upgrade — Part 1

Clio’s main software offering received a revamp in 2017. Our legacy app, dubbed Themis, is a Ruby on Rails app that uses ERB templates to serve up the views. By Xiao Chen.

React: injecting component props with ES7 decorators — Part 1

This series of articles explores my experiments in using decorators to make writing and maintaining React components more ergonomic (subjectively). By Vlad Sabev.


Introducing Falconhood

A falcon’s best hunting tool is their enormous, human sized eyes which can track up to 3 moving objects at a distance of 2 miles while diving at 200mph. By Max Kostow.

Draft.js: list depth control

At Propeller it’s really important for us to make the interaction between our users and platform as smooth as possible. By Andrey Semin.

Graphql code generator for Typescript React Apollo

We’ve created a new template that generated React Apollo’s query, mutation and subscription components, as well as HOCs typed by TypeScript. By Arda TANRIKULU.

Reusing higher order components in React apps with Bit

Higher order components (HOC) are a great pattern to pull-up reusable code across components to a higher level and reuse it wherever needed. By RC.


Sunil Pai: JavaScript & Virtual Reality

Algebraic effects, Fibers, Coroutines — Oh my!

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