Cloud — jMP’s Third Album Release

As known, SlipSerum has released three albums (still, at the time of writing, in pre-order) that were published by jHeight Media Productions. SlipSerum recently announced the second one to be before the original second album, Cloud.

Don’t Stop, a dubstep/electro 2-song EP, is the new album of SlipSerum’s featuring one remix of a previous song of his and one new song titled, you guessed it, Don’t Stop.

SlipSerum, when making this album, opened his mind to creativity, according to a DM on Twitter, and wanted to make this album as well as he could. He can’t wait for the album to go up and loves all the support he has gotten in the past regarding Fighter X.

The day the pre-order launched was also when SlipSerum found out that his hit, Budder King, wasn’t his actual hit! It was Fighter X in the album Fighter X. It had a 75% fill of ratings on iTunes and really shocked him, according to another DM on Tumblr.

His two new albums, Cloud and Don’t Stop, will be releasing on June 7th, 2017 (Don’t Stop) and June 14th, 2017 (Cloud). You can pre-order Cloud at the moment for only 1.98$ on iTunes.

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