Project 6 Gets New Code Name(s)

Project 6, the work-in-progress, fast, low-memory anti-badware remover, recently got a rename. SlipSerum announced this on the jHeight Developers Twitter Page (source) that Project 6’s portable version, instead of (at the time known as) Project6P, to be called “Masked Mischief”. This name would dignify the anti-badware software to be masked, meaning hidden from computer logs, registries, and detection from viruses. Since Masked Mischief would be the portable version, Code Mischief, it would only require a single EXE file (or JAR file; depending on operating system/BIT system)

But, “Masked Mischief” isn’t the only change to Project 6, or should I say “Holen”, the new name for Project 6. “Holen”, as the name suggests, is a favor for patching holes in your security system and fixing them quickly, as well as leaving as little as 1 byte of data behind regarding the removals. Holen, with the announced name change on the official jHeight Twitter page (source), will be a lightweight, fast, low-resource using anti-badware software. And best of all, it will be free to use for all.

Holen and Masked Mischief are to be released sometime in 2018. It should have updates about once every two weeks. As a bonus safety feature, it allows you to also use secured DNS servers, use firewalls, and always have the latest version of virus definitions and software. Of course, since Masked Mischief is portable, it will only be able to update when on a device connected to the internet.

The first OS to recieve Masked Mischief and Holen is FlixOS. As Flix has no anti-virus software avaliable for installation, and most virus definitions have to be encrypted to special standards, Holen will be first grabs on it’s first computers with Flix users at installation. (source)

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