SlipSerum Spoils A New Album of His

Recently, SlipSerum posted a science project regarding whale migration. In that video, when he mentions: “If you see phytoplankton in the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt, it’s either dead, almost dead, or -” he plays a picture of a black stick figure sticking his tongue out with his eyes as X’s. If you look close enough below his right (left to the viewer)’s eye, you’ll see “Suicid3 - SlipSerum”. This refers to the A-S pattern, or Album-Singer. As we can infer, he is making a song called Suicid3 in an album, EP, or single. A lot of this information is unknown, however jHeight Media Productions tweeted that: “@SlickGaming34 is going to be doing a collab with @SlipSerum. More info coming soon on this item”. This allows us to believe that we are able to know that SlickGaming will be teaming up with SlipSerum for a song together. Their roles are unknown, however, SlipSerum, having a album release on June 14th, 2017, it is most likely SlipSerum is handling all instrumental pieces of this “item” which we already inferred is a new album. However, we know that these events were not accidental, due to the bottom of the video mentioned before’s description contains “Try and find something…”

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