Beyond Banks and Borders: Jia Launches on Celo Reshaping Financial Frontiers

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3 min readDec 19, 2023


Hello Friends of Jia and Jia-raffes!

We are thrilled to share some big news — Jia has officially launched its lending pool on Celo through our valued partner, Huma Finance, an on-chain credit platform, with 100K cUSD funding from the Credit Collective.

This strategic move underscores our commitment to providing innovative and accessible financial solutions to entrepreneurs worldwide, starting with Kenya.

Here’s why this collaboration is so significant:

1. Real-World Impact Powered by Blockchain

Jia exists to create real-world impact for entrepreneurs like Francis Njoroge, a spice vendor from Githurai, Kenya. We believe blockchain technology creates the potential for a fairer financial world, and we are seeing that potential realized today with the new financial infrastructure created by our partners Huma and the Celo ecosystem.

Celo, a mobile-first, carbon-negative blockchain, has demonstrated its commitment to expanding financial access with real impact through recent product launches like MiniPay, an ultralight (2MB) payments wallet offering instant and seamless financial transactions, integrated into the Opera Mini Android browser, which has more than 100 million users across Africa.

More efficient capital flows, lower transaction costs, more seamless and transparent lending operations, and a fairer distribution of wealth are all made possible by the blockchain, making entrepreneurs like Francis’ life better every day.

2. Strategic and Values Alignment with Celo

Our excitement about building on the Celo blockchain stems from a shared vision — a world where individuals wield control over their financial destinies. We share the Celo community’s commitment to regenerative finance (ReFi), a powerful concept you can read more about in Packy McCormick’s article “Celo: Building a Regenerative Economy” here.

3. Growth of Celo’s RWA Ecosystem

Seeded with an initial 100K cUSD from the Credit Collective, our pool on Huma Finance marks another milestone in the fast-growing ecosystem of real-world assets (RWA) built on Celo. We are joining exciting projects like Untangled’s RWA marketplace and Mento’s multi-currency stablecoins.

This partnership, already making a difference in the lives of more than one thousand borrowers in Kenya in its first week, signifies a strategic step forward in leveraging technological advances and new business models to reshape financial systems. As the RWA ecosystem on Celo expands, unlocking access to investment opportunities and liquidity for small businesses, we look forward to continuing to see positive, collective impact on communities.

4. Democratization of Investment Opportunities

Private credit has traditionally been an asset class available only to large institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. Market-beating returns shouldn’t be accessible only to hedge funds and family offices. Jia’s pool on Celo allows liquidity providers to join us on the journey towards a fairer financial world. By investing in lending pools like the Jia Pioneer Fund Pool, LPs also foster economic development around the world and create a more sustainable and equitable financial landscape. To learn more about these opportunities, visit the Jia Pioneer Fund Pool page or email us

Visit Jia’s Celo pool on Huma Finance and join the movement to expand financial access!

Jia’s launch on Celo is more than a business milestone — it’s a testament to our commitment to making finance fairer, more accessible, and more transformative. We appreciate the support of our community and the strategic partnership with the Celo ecosystem, including Huma Finance and the Credit Collective. Together, we are navigating the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain-based lending, creating positive change, and shaping a future where financial empowerment is inclusive and impactful.

Thank you Jia-raffes. Here’s to stretching our necks to reach for higher leaves, higher horizons, and continued success and impact! 🦒🦒



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