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Jibrel End of Year Update (2018)

A productive year focused on product development

  1. High-level Technical Development Update
  2. High-level Organizational Build-out Update
  3. Token Utility Strategy Deep-dive

1. Technical Development

Jwallet Android

The Android version of the Jwallet was released on December 7th, 2018

Jwallet iOS

The iOS version was released slightly after the Android version on December 26th, 2018

Jcash (Jibrel Cash)

Jibrel Search (Jsearch)

2. Organizational Build-out

A. People & Capabilities

Jibrel has made several hires over 2018 and has begun announcing them across social media channels
  • Grew the Jibrel team from 9 to 31 core contributors
  • Hired dedicated marketing staff
  • Hired a dedicated Project Manager
  • Built-out dedicated Quality Assurance & Release Management team

B. Marketing, PR & Community Management

  • Formalized product marketing strategy
  • On-boarded 2 dedicated Community Managers
  • Began appearing in top tier news outlets and publications for our successful implementation of technical pilots

3. Token Strategy Deep-dive

Case Study: Amazon Build-out

What items are buyers willing to purchase, where the selection variety is much wider, but the delivery time much slower, when compared to traditional brick and mortar retail businesses?

In order to have a successful token or crypto-startup, companies must focus on token utility that can be implemented and adopted using today’s infrastructure, with an eye for tomorrow.

Jcash Issues

One thing is clear, we cannot maintain the current system which effectively has no CryDR or JNT demand.

Guarantor System — The Original White Paper Vision

The Original White Paper outlined a guarantor system to manage underlying assets

Proof of Solvency — The Revised Roadmap

  1. Assets: Jibrel Network Token locked in Smart Contracts
  2. Liabilities: CryDRs in circulation

Token Utility Roadmap


  1. Jibrel’s DevTeam has begun shipping products, Jwallet has been released for both iOS and Android as scheduled.
  2. Jibrel BizDev has begun on-boarding the BizDev hires to match the strong development focus of 2018
  3. Jibrel was listed on Bittrex / Upbit and plans on listing on numerous larger exchanges to improve JNT liquidity
  4. Jibrel is financially secure and will use its capital to build-out the network and token utility as per its mandate
  5. Jibrel Network Token (JNT) utility and functionality will be increased and improved through the revised utility strategy
  6. JNT will be incorporated in all functionalities, consumer, enterprise or otherwise; wherever possible
  7. The Jibrel team is very grateful to the community for their patience, providing constructive feedback, closely following the project progress, and for being kind and supportive!
  8. Build first, market later



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Jibrel provides tokenized financial assets such as equities, currencies, commodities and bonds, on the Ethereum blockchain. https://jibrel.network