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Jibrel Project Update: Q3 2019

Jibrel.com enables startups and investors to connect, in previously unimaginable ways, to create capital formation.

1. Organizational Build-Out

Jibrel members come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds

A. People & Capabilities

B. Marketing, PR & Community Management

Events Attended in Q3 2019, Plus Confirmed Upcoming Events (in Bold)

“Tokenization is a way to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional economies.”

2. Asset Tokenization

Jibrel.com Value Propositions

Other Assets & Overall Ecosystem Development

“If a startup wants to raise capital on the digital exchange, they can do so, and also if a big company that wants us to decide to raise for the capital using digital tokens like the ones related to blockchain and securities tokens.”

3. Technical Development

Jibrel’s New iOS Wallet


The iOS wallet is so structurally different from the previous version that it will be published as a brand new app.

Jibrel Wallets

What’s Next: Jsearch, Jticker, & Beyond

Thank you to the Jibrel Community for your continued support!



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Jibrel provides tokenized financial assets such as equities, currencies, commodities and bonds, on the Ethereum blockchain. https://jibrel.network