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Project Update: Q2 2018

Onwards & Upwards

Jibrel has focused on collectively building out its enterprise suite over Q2. The first upcoming release is expected to be Jcash

Overall Status

Jibrel Project Management Framework

1. Legal & Compliance

Jibrel is a licensed financial intermediary in Switzerland through membership in a Self Regulatory Organization

2. People & Capabilities

Jibrel has added nine new team members and is looking to expand even further

3. Technology, Research & Development

Jibrel has dedicated the bulk of its resources towards completing the Jwallet, Jcash and Jnode
Jcash Alpha bottlenecks primarily revolve around compliance and customer onboarding

4. Marketing, PR & Community Management

Marketing & Public Relations


Community Management

5. Safety, Security & Risk Management

Jibrel released a recovery form to recover compromised tokens and has begun processing applications




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Jibrel provides tokenized financial assets such as equities, currencies, commodities and bonds, on the Ethereum blockchain. https://jibrel.network