ISIS Woke Up Upon Official Confirmation of Mad Dog for US Secretary of State.

General “Mad Dog” Mattis launches a massive 31 airstrike campaign on ISIS military bases of operation.

True to General Mattis nickname, this is perceived as his unique way of saying “Hello” and “I’m coming” to the enemy.

I’ll admit, I have war dog tendencies.

When an enemy is defined I support quick and decisive action to bring them down.


Nation building, not as much. Bring ISIS down, leave Assad in Syria, support the people (Christians, Kurds, etc) who were persecuted by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Terrorist organizations.

Regarding Faith:

We don’t “need” to identify it as Islamic.

We know what it is, a cause plaguing an old and widely practiced religion.

In theory:

This will leave the moderate Muslim population to feel less compelled to protect their faith and its bad characters.

Provide assistance to Libya, Israel, Egypt, and Iraq to clean up our messes and support our allies we need at this time.

Maintain an independent active military intelligence base in Syria, create one in coordination with Russia and other allies.

Strike an agreement with Iraq to keep and maintain one or more bases, open trade and provide Naval support to major trade routes.