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Apr 13 · 6 min read

Jigstack cares about advancing the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi ecosystem to the next level. Empowering you and all of your fellow enthusiasts is a big part of our ongoing mission. We provide unprecedented transparency, automation, and ease of access to multiple revenue-generating tools under the Jigstack DAO umbrella through our solutions.

The $STAK token plays a crucial part in our ecosystem. We will explain how it works, why it is needed, and its appeal to investors. We want our investors to understand our growing ecosystem of flagship DeFi products, and what the $STAK token offers. Our long journey at Jigstack will start paying dividends soon.

$STAK: How, What, Why?

As our Jigstack DAO governs multiple revenue-generating services on the Ethereum network, our services’ network effect is unprecedented. We provide the least expensive way to organize token sales, the fairest way to handle affiliate marketing, and a staking solution anyone can integrate with ease. Our products and services will disrupt the DeFi and cryptocurrency industry as people know it today.

As we prioritize transparency, fairness, and empowerment, Jigstack provides anyone with the ability to use the Ethereum network to its full capacity. Whether you want to advertise a new product or service, create a token sale, engage in staking, or gift cryptocurrency to anyone with an email address, we have you covered. Our $STAK token is the cherry on top, as it provides continuous dividend potential to token holders.

Any transaction under the Jigstack DAO is subject to a 1% transaction fee. We will share 80% of this fee with our $STAK token holders, and the remainder 20%, goes to the Dao Bank, which will buy back $STAK on the secondary market and then burned. This is a positive for the price appreciation of $STAK as there is a continuous buying pressure supplemented from platform activity. Holders can earn revenue from any activity, regardless of how much money is involved. This approach is unprecedented in this industry and elevates Jigstack above competing protocols.

Token Distribution Schedule

  • Seed Round: 10%
  • Private Sale 1: 13.3%
  • Private Sale 2: 7.5%
  • LP incentives: 3.2%
  • Treasury: 20%
  • Public Sale: 2%
  • Advisors: 10%
  • Team: 10%
  • Ops: 9%
  • Series B: 10%
  • Marketing: 5%

Vesting Schedule:


IDO Details*

  • Date: April 22nd — time TBA
  • On sale: 60,000,000 STAK
  • Sale Price: USD $0,005 cents per token
  • Currencies: TBA
  • Telegram CHAT: https://t.me/jigstack

STAK Token Metrics

  • Total Supply: 3,000,000,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply following our public sale (23.04.2021): 60,000,000
  • Initial circulating market cap: $300,000
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Ticker: STAK
  • Etherscan: HERE

Tokens sold during the seed and both private rounds are also subject to vesting. The initial supply to become accessible on the market following the IDO is 60 million STAK. It will be a fairly scarce asset and one that is sold for $0,005 during the public sale.

As our IDO goes live on April 22nd, interested parties need to ensure they go through the whitelisting process as soon as possible. With a limited amount of tokens to acquire, there is no time to waste.

Sales Distribution

In the Token Release Schedule above, you can see we have successfully divided up the available STAK token supply. Our Seed round had a 10% allocation where tokens are sold at $0,002 per STAK. This amount will rise gradually as we conclude more token sale rounds. Participants in the seed token sale also have the longest vesting period. These are our initial supporters and partners who share our vision for DeFi and decentralization.

Our two Private rounds represent 20.8% of all STAK tokens, as those will be the rounds allowing us to raise the most capital. With the price per token at $0,003 and $0,004 respectively, there is still plenty of reason to get on board. Attracting commercial interest and support for our revenue-generating projects is crucial for achieving our long-term vision while generating broader visibility.

The upcoming public sale will help us further decentralize the number of STAK holders and unlock the governance voting for the DAO. By growing and developing our protocols and introducing new features, we can provide more value to STAK holders.

Benefits Of Owning STAK

Anyone who owns STAK will be eligible to earn rewards from all activity taking place on the network. Whether it is a token sale or affiliate commission payment, our revenue-generating products are all subject to a 1% transaction fee. Hodlers of STAK will receive their cut of this fee depending on how many tokens they own at the time of the transaction taking place.

Secondly, owners of the STAK token can participate in the current and future governance of the Jigstack DAO. That includes determining the evolution of our many revenue-generating protocols and solutions. As we try to decentralize existing solutions and empower users, it is only normal token hodlers have a say in these matters.

It is important to remember all our protocols are compatible with any Ethereum wallet in existence today and in the future. More importantly, several of our protocols are blockchain-agnostic, allowing us to offer a broader appeal to the blockchain ecosystem. Hedera Hashgraph will integrate Lemonade as its go-to token sale platform for all upcoming projects. This further validates the technology and business model we bring to the table, and which will bring value to all STAK token holders.

About Jigstack


As an empowering and automation-oriented blockchain and cryptocurrency project, Jigstack wants to offer everyone the necessary tools to join the cryptocurrency community. There is no need for technical knowledge to become a successful marketer or to complete a token sale with millions of dollars. Everything can be done through convenient web portals, allowing for customization and convenience that users have not experienced before.

We want to lower the barriers for users and companies who aim to utilize the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance industry. Moreover, we want to provide complete transparency to all parties removing intermediaries or reliance on central figureheads from the equation. Users will interface with our technology directly and reap the rewards from doing so.

All of our solutions are compatible with any Ethereum wallet, and we will bring flagship DeFi protocols — including Lemonade — to other blockchains. Our aim is to become the go-to solution for cryptocurrency marketing, affiliate schemes, and token sales.

Anyone can easily interact with our suite of DeFi protocols. Holders of the $STAK token will be eligible for constant revenue dividend potential and be able to participate in the governance of our DAO overseeing all revenue-generating products and services. There is no limit to what Jigstack DAO and $STAK holders can achieve now or in the future.


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The DAO of DeFi


Jigstack’s vision is to bring wholeness, simplicity, and understanding to DeFi. The protocol aims to do this by developing a suite of flagship products that are all governed under a single Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Team Jigstack

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Jigstack’s vision is to bring wholeness, simplicity, and understanding to DeFi.


Jigstack’s vision is to bring wholeness, simplicity, and understanding to DeFi. The protocol aims to do this by developing a suite of flagship products that are all governed under a single Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).