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What is Jigstack?

The initial vision for decentralized finance has been corrupted by greed, inefficiency, and sheer incompetence. Everything the industry promised to deliver has yet to be brought to life in a professional manner. Jigstack embodies the real vision of DeFi: decentralized finance for the people by the people.

Transforming DeFi From Junk Into Gems

Our vision for Jigstack is how it can become the Microsoft of decentralized finance and decentralized commerce.

Right now, it’s a crazy town. We got innovators, pioneers, scam artists, rug pulls, phantom DApps and just a whole lot of clutter. Worse still are the clunky interfaces and feature-rich environments. While intriguing, the industry can be daunting and somewhat alien to even the most advanced professionals.

Most service providers and projects are operating under the ideology of “destroy banks” and “bring transparency back to finance,” but in reality, all they are doing is grabbing money without providing anything useful.

Disrupting is not enough. WE need to make the banks, institutions, capital controllers, and third-party intermediaries obsolete. In the same way that Microsoft helped make the typewriter obsolete by creating a user-friendly desktop program, we endeavor to succeed in the modern digital finance and commerce sector. The only way to do that is to create a safe, robust, and user-centric, simplified experience.

The five commandments of Jigstack for every product are as follows:

  • It needs to be trusted
  • It needs to be secure
  • It needs to be faster
  • it needs to be easier
  • and it needs to be cheaper

The overarching theme is that it must liberate individuals by empowering them and letting them control their data and capital without restriction. Using the current tools and infrastructure makes this aspect impossible. A top-down approach only suits the needs of the few, rather than liberating the many.

One Solution To Rule Them All

Instead of building a platform capable of performing one task well, Jigstack can take care of a lot of things through its automation. Providing a hassle-free and hands-free solution is needed to provide an injection of lifeblood to crypto and decentralized finance. Everything is governed by a DAO, which is in turn managed by the users themselves.

We create a variety of independent financial applications, each of which is built to do one thing exceptionally well. However, they all operate under a single algorithmic umbrella called Jigstack. Our central DAO manages governance and revenue/reward distribution.

We’re not trying to break the rules, we’re forcing them to be rewritten entirely by deploying censorship-resistant systems with no single point of failure. Our focus lies with systems that are provably reliable, safe, economically effective, and fair. This allows a pure emergence of the democratization of financial activity, regulation, investment, and trade.

But again, while we are flourishing in our little cottage economy, we’re really on rocky ground. We need strong foundations and grounding principles. No one to date has adequately built the winning governance model. The introduction of quadratic voting shows promise, but we’re a long way off from optimizing collective decision-making that maximizes benefits for the micro-ecosystem’s majority and health.

Addressing Core DeFi Weaknesses

This last year alone, hundreds of millions of users’ funds were lost, hacked, stolen, or fraudulently misplaced. We need a trusted source with the reliability of major centralized institutions without the dictator-esque provisions that give them complete control over our capital and data. This is what Jigstack embodies..

DeFi is a variety of financial applications that empower users anywhere in the world by optimizing any economic activities instantly across a global high-speed network. More specifically, that is what people expect to happen, but the current reality is far from it. We think Jigstack is the missing link.

We are maintaining the tenets of DeFi while providing the security blanket of institutional insured products. Jigstack provides a growing collection of Ethereum-based commercial tools which are all governed by the DAO. Instead of empowering companies with a top-down structure, the Jigstack DAO empowers all of its users equally.

What’s at stake is more than just creating a well-performing asset class or expanding financial software skills. If implemented correctly, DeFi could help stave off the next major crisis by removing single points of failure from the current financial system. When all of the ecosystem’s parts are taken together, the outcome is a way to strengthen finance by enhancing trust with mathematics.

There are ecosystem contributors, and there are ecosystem leeches. Most of the platforms in the DeFi space are designed to siphon as much capital out of the ecosystem while leaving just enough in to keep the lights on. DeFi promises reduced costs and significant efficiencies, but all we see are high fees, central parties taking everything out, et cetera.

Getting The Priorities Right

We need an automated permissionless portal that people trust. Whenever a new project is introduced, it has to gain significant market-wide exposure, and seamlessly implement a fundraising solution. Something that keeps the capital where it needs to stay — with the project to enhance its probability of success. Some projects are raising millions from users to pay listing fees or expensive token raises. Who wins? The platform? Who loses? Everyone else.

The functions required to facilitate public fundraising can be algorithmically set. So what’s the high cost? Why do these other platforms charge 5% of the raise and take a significant portion of tokens?

Why You Need To Own $STAK

We want to highlight our native $STAK token. Holders of this asset have authority over the network and can partake in community governance through the Jigstack DAO.

Jigstack provides value to DeFi and tokenization enthusiasts through uniformity, quality assurance, and user empowerment. By embracing the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model, the team creates an umbrella that encompasses multiple projects generating a revenue stream, including DeFi token launchpad Lemonade and a decentralized marketing and affiliate solution called Ethlink.

All activity taking place on the network will offer rewards to $STAK holders, including transactions, campaigns, et cetera. Our token has an unprecedented potential dividend residual. The network will take, of all the native tokens of the protocols born under the Jigstack umbrella, a 1% cut, redistributed. If $ 100 million is raised through Jigstak Umbrella for a token sale, a total of $ 1 million of that capital is distributed to all $ STAK token holders.

Stay tuned

Website: https://jigstack.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jigstack

Telegram Group: https://t.me/jigstack

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/jigstackANN

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jigstack/

Github: https://github.com/jigstack-dev



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