Tour Operators (sing it, like Sade)

We did some exploring when Travis’ dad came to visit. It’s really awesome to show some of the many highlights of the area because you can discover something new every time.

First stop — Lunch at Ruddell’s Smokehouse in Cayucos

Smoked shrimp tacos so worth the wait. Travis took me on my first visit in November. I think that was his secret weapon.

Elephant Seals

Fight to the death. Last time we were here, there were harems upon harems. I’m being serious.

Ragged Point, Big Sur

I don’t have a problem with balance. I have a problem with BEING ON A CLIFF OVER THE OCEAN.
Ok, WE GET IT. But you need to relax your shoulders. so ha.
I give Doug a 5.5 on the arabesque

Pit stop

Stopped in San Simeon to check out the kite boarders

Morro Bay

Otters playing in the bay
Waving to his constituents

Final stop — Dinosaur Caves

If you look closely, you can see the fossil of a velociraptor and also Dr. Wong from InGen

Ok, can you come visit now?

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