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Alive and Kicking

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Jikken is still alive and kicking.

2021 is not over yet, but it’s been an outstanding year in many regards, for many of us, and also for myself, my family, and for Jikken. I moved from Tokyo to Liverpool, and it took me 8 months to settle, ship, and then collect all my gears, rearrange my studio, wrap up a ton of personal stuff.

But all is good now. 2022 is around the corner. I have received many, many great demos to listen and reply to, and I also have some unreleased tracks with my personal project (Paranormind) which I managed to complete lately. Moving from Tokyo to Liverpool also implies a different electronic music scene, different sources of inspiration. Nonetheless, the artistic direction of Jikken Records remains the same. We want to shape the future of sound, to explore freely, share concepts, exciting ideas, that can hardly be classified amongst any techno genre or sub-genre.

Another good news: despite the Omicron variant being around (this would be, by the way, a very cool name for a track or album), I can envision some possibilities to organize events and gathering in 2022. Liverpool has a friendly and thrilling community of electronic artists, and all I wish is that Jikken can be part of it and contribute to building it up. I told you: alive and kicking!

Adrien aka Paranormind.




Read more on what will define music tomorrow.

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Electronic Music Producer, founder of Jikken Records.

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