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3 min readMay 28, 2020
Credit: Tommaso Veneziano

Jikken: Hi Federica, first things first, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Angoro: Hi! Something about me, let’s see! I’m from Reggio Calabria (Little city in South Italy) and I’m a musician. I’ve been playing and singing in a metal band for a couple of years previously, even though my dream has always been to have a personal one-man project. Besides that, I’m also a biology student and I’m currently working for an editorial company.

J.: Can you share some artists that inspire you the most?

A: My favorite artists ever are, for the majority, women such as Bjork, Eivor, Diamanda Galas, Arca. But I also love bands like Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Perturbator and many others.

J.: How did you get the idea of this “Warzone” project?

A.: The EP was born in a quite short period of time and I’ve been led by a feeling of ‘rage’ mixed with adrenaline due to personal issues I’ve been struggling with lately. Composing really helped me dealing with unpleasant emotions.

J.: You released a video clip for “Frail”, and I heard you’re planning to make one for “Let me out”. What’s your motivation to work on video clips?

A: I enjoy creating videoclips in general. It’s another artistic way to express myself. Even if I’m not an expert in that field, I like experimenting and developing my skills. It’s fun for me, it’s a nice way to spend my spare time.

J: The video clip for Frail is quite dark, and “Let me out” is also melancholic. Should we expect something dark? :-)

A: I actually believe that my style will always be quite dark. It’s just in my speed. So the answer is: “yes! You should expect something very gloomy and related to the dark side of nature”.

J: “Dad is Home” is also fairly obscure and the gunshots we can hear near the end aren’t really telling a happy end. Did you want to denounce something?

A: With “Dad is home” I wanted to share a positive feeling, overall. Precisely, the great feeling you get when your dad is home after the war and you finally know that he is safe and with you again. It’s not a topic moved by any personal event in my life, but it’s something you hear every day from other people’s lives.

J: When we worked on the cover art, you told me you wanted to share some nostalgic vibe. Why?

A: I wanted to use a real picture from the past because, in my opinion, it transmits something on a deeper level. The child injured because of war makes you think that evil exists and it might really hurt you.

J: A word about the pandemic: did it impact your approach of making music?

A: During these two months of quarantine in Italy, of course, I’ve had more time to produce music. But I probably would have spent the same amount of time creating without the pandemic because it’s just something I love to do. Thank you for this interview!

J: Likewise, and welcome to the Jikken family!

You can find Angoro on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify.



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