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United States Space Force (2019).

Star Trek or US Space Force?

The Delta

The 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron of 1935.
Originally the 36th Pursuit Group of 1939.
The 82nd Bombardment of 1940.
First row: 21st Troop Carrier (1942), 34th Photographic Reconnaissance (1943), 57th Reconnaissance (1943), 63d Bombardment (1940), 73d Fighter Squadron (1941), 86th Fighter Squadron (1942); Second row: 60th Troop Carrier Group (1940), 322d Troop Carrier Wing (1944) [I think this looks quite uncannily like the NASA Seal, but we’ll get to that], 337th Fighter Group (1942), 353d Fighter Group (1942), 379th Bombardment Group (1942), 412th Fighter Group (1943); Third row: 329th Fighter Squadron (1942), 468th Fighter Squadron (1944).

The Globe

First row: 1st Combat Cargo Group (1944), 10th Reconnaissance Group (1941) [Argus is translated as “Always watching”], 15th Bombardment (Very Heavy) (1944), 15th Troop Carrier (1940), 50th Troop Carrier (1942), 73rd Troop Carrier (1943); Second row: 319th Bombardment (1942), 327th Bombardment (1942), 348th Bombardment (1942), 360th Bombardment (1942), 365th Bombardment (1942), 372d Bombardment (1942); Third row: 381st Bombardment (1942), 403d Bombardment (1940), 442d Bombardment (1942), 567th Strategic Missile Squadron (1959).
Draft United Nations Emblem (1945)
The official United Nations emblem with official colors (1946)

Combined Elements

Space & Missile System Center (1961)
30th Space Wing (1964)
Air Force Space Command (1982)

Star Trek

Kirk’s Command Insignia.
A still from a scene in Deep Space 9: Rules of Engagement where a Starfleet Command flag is visible.
International Atomic Energy Agency emblem (1960)
Likely inspiration for the Terran Empire insignia: 15th Bombardment (Very Heavy) (1944), 327th Bombardment, (1942), 365th Bombardment (1942), 422d Bombardment (1942), 490th Bombardment (1942), Terran Empire (2260).


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Jillian Ada Burrows

Jillian Ada Burrows

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