5 Tips to a Healthy Work Life Balance

The United States ranks as one of worst developed countries at taking a healthy work life balance seriously. Jim Gray MD, a radiologist from Mississippi, feels that this imbalance is a key reason why an increasing number of Americans are fighting auto-immune disorders, mental health issues, and cancer.

The human body does not operate well when lifestyle abuses the systems intended to fight disease. While technology has increased the urgency felt by most, modern medicine is offering more helpful data that shows how to achieve a healthy work life balance.

What Does It Mean to Have a Healthy Work Life Balance?

As Jim Gray MD, meets with and treats his patients, many of them are trying to manage chronic stress at work and at home. Most often, this chronic stress comes from overwork at the office. Some patients spend 50 hours/week or more at work, while others leave the office at a civilized time but bring work home.

Today’s technology can keep employees tied to their work when they should be present to the moments that recharge the mind and body. The key to a healthy work life balance is learning how to become aware of one’s regular activities that weaken the body and take control of those factors.

Dr. Jim Gray’s 5 Tips to a Healthy Work Life Balance

While some of Jim Gray’s tips are significant and life-changing, most are simple and require only minor lifestyle adjustments. However, if circumstances are putting radical pressure on the body to the point of severe exhaustion, then radical adjustments may be in order.

1. Critique Your Diet

Americans are addicted to sugar and caffeine. These two substances feed the fast-paced culture that never stops. Those seeking a healthier life balance should consult with their physician or a nutritionist to adjust to a healthier diet that is ideal for them.

2. Get More Sleep

Regardless of one’s job stress, poor sleep habits significantly increase stress on the body. Further, poor sleep can actually create a cycle of self-destruction, as a sleep-deprived mind is more likely to overreact or become unstable. By disciplining oneself to get 7–9 hours of sleep every night, many Americans see major declines in overall stress and an increase in mental clarity and health.

3. Improve Time Management Skills

Many Americans go throughout their day reacting to life’s circumstances rather than proactively dealing with problems as they arise. Jim Gray MD, strongly encourage his patients to take stock of their day, prepare for challenges, commit to less, and stick to their schedule.

4. Consider Freelancing

Often, Americans cannot effectively achieve a healthy work life balance without disconnecting from toxic work environments. A recent Gallup poll showed that over 60% of American employees experience burnout at their job.

As a result, many Americans successfully transition to freelance work. Freelancing allows people to work from home, control their own schedule, and use skills developed in the corporate world. Fulltime freelancing in the United States is expected to grow to 30% of the nation’s workforce where already 20% of freelancers make over $100,000/year.

5. Prioritize

Everything cannot be equally important. When everything in one’s life demands urgency, chronic stress converts to major health problems over time. Jim Gray MD urges his patients to seek a healthy work life balance by taking stock of what is most important, and then making the necessary life adjustments to live according to those priorities.

At his radiology diagnostic practice in Meridian, Mississippi, Jim Gray MD, has assisted countless patients seeking to detect or prevent disease before it manifests strong symptoms. For more information, visit https://www.jimgraymdms.com/

Jim Gray MD

Jim Gray is a highly experienced Radiologist from Meridian, Mississippi providing advanced imaging to hospitals and physicians across the state of Mississippi.

Jim Gray MD

Written by

A Radiologist from Meridian, Mississippi with over 20 years of experience.

Jim Gray MD

Jim Gray is a highly experienced Radiologist from Meridian, Mississippi providing advanced imaging to hospitals and physicians across the state of Mississippi.

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