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Physics, Nice Places, and Speedy Keyboards: Week #4

My favorite 10 things from this week in no particular order.

I read lots of articles these days (and other content) and as part of my morning pages, I write about them. In the spirit of selling my by-products, I’m compiling my favorite ten things from the week to further pollute your backlog.

  1. Reality Is Not What It Seems by Carlos Rovelli — Absolutely earth shaking shallow dive into physics.
  2. Privacy is a collective concern — I imagined this article would be about Google and Facebook but it took a scary turn and talked about the privacy of our genes instead…
  3. This Keyboard Lets People Type So Fast It’s Banned From Typing Competitions — The strangest typing device I’ve ever seen. And I own this strange typing device.
  4. Our Self Imposed Scarcity of Nice Places — A strange mix of depressing and hopeful article about the future of housing.
  5. The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen — The first book I’ve seen to attempt to define and pin down network effects. Well worth a read.
  6. The Troublesome “Active Record” Pattern — A hyper nerd deep dive into a problematic database structure from the author of one of my all time favorite books Deep Work.
  7. The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Aaron Swartz — A fascinating article about a riveting programmer that touches on everything from open source to censorship to conspiracy.
  8. Teamflow — My favorite virtual office software to date. Like your real office except in Minecraft.
  9. Karst Stone Paper — These notebooks are unbelievable and you just have to try one.
  10. beautiful trouble — An album from an artist who is quickly becoming my favorite: Nahko And Medicine for The People
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