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Why We Should Sleep More (and Why We Should Sleep Less)

Plus monopolies cripple the US military, software and racism, and the anthropology behind new ideas

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash
  1. Kernel by Bryan Johnson — The fascinating story of a wild sleep schedule and a glimpse at the biohacking taking place in Silicon Valley. IMO, trading sleep for social time at the altar of productivity is stupid (see The Village Effect for why). That said, it’s still a gripping read.
  2. Nancy Pelosi, China, and the Slow Decline of the US Military by Mat Stoller — A timely review of the sorry state of the US military. Wild to see monopolies crippling what used to be (and might still be) the most powerful military in the world.
  3. Can Software Make You Less Racist by Jeff Atwood — Textbook Nudge applied to reducing the incidence of racial bias on the Nextdoor app. Atwood is balanced here, considering the potential for software to both increase and decrease racism on the web.
  4. Theses on Sleep by Alexy Guzey — The polar opposite of the first article by Bryan Johnson. Argues with conviction that all we know about sleep is wrong because we used observational rather than causal studies to learn it.
  5. Early Work by Paul Graham — A foray into why we struggle to start and think about new, risky ventures. A bit of armchair anthropology, but an interesting bit of it.



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