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Baboon Fingers on Glass

Prompted Flash Fiction

A mandrill sits with a pensive expression on his face. Baboon Fingers on Glass by Jim Latham
Baboon Fingers on Glass by Jim Latham. Photo by Rieke T-bo on Unsplash

Addisyn couldn’t sleep the night before she was scheduled to rotate back to Earth. She slipped into her uniform and wandered the quiet hallways of the base. Without meaning to, she found herself standing outside Pappy’s enclosure, idly stirring her chamomile tea. The sugar was long since dissolved. She just liked watching the tea go round and round the motion. The soothing swirl of the liquid, the…




microfiction (<250 words), flash (250 to 1000), lots of 100- and 50-word stories

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Jim Latham

Jim Latham

| Very short fiction @ Jim’s Shorts | He/His |

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