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Special Delivery

Flash Fiction

A bunch of mailboxes in a row. Jim’s Shorts by Jim Latham
Special Delivery. One of Jim’s Shorts by Jim Latham. Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

The mailboxes were Cliff’s brainwave. He called ’em antioxidants because he read in some newsletter that clutter was a cancer that killed co-living spaces deader than doornails, so after downing his morning kombucha he zipped down to the free store and scooped up four used ones.

Used mailboxes purchased for zero dollars are liable to be a little worse for wear, and these definitely…




microfiction (<250 words), flash (250 to 1000), lots of 100- and 50-word stories

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Jim Latham

Jim Latham

| Very short fiction @ Jim’s Shorts | He/His |

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