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The Underside of the Fern

Flash Fiction

A fern leaf. Frond? Not the underside but I don’t have a lot of patience with Unsplash. The Underside of the Fern by Jim Latham (Jim’s Shorts).
The Underside of the Fern by Jim Latham (Jim’s Shorts) Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

It wasn’t seeing the fern that had Liz worried. She knew the fern well. She knew every plant, every fallen log, every crossing of the creek that wound through the birch forest near the old farmhouse she shared with her grandmother. Had been watching it grow for years. But she wondered why she was looking up at it through the grimy basement window.




microfiction (<250 words), flash (250 to 1000), lots of 100- and 50-word stories

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Jim Latham

Jim Latham

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