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Time Is a Pancake

Weed, wormholes, and Alaskan birch syrup

Time Is a Pancake by Jim Latham. A visualization of wormhole travel. From Wikipedia, public domain.
Time Is a Pancake by Jim Latham | Image from Wikipedia (public domain).

Vinyl squeaked as Paxton’s mom, red eyes and all, slid into the booth across from him. Paxton crunched ice and sighed through his nose. His mom saw it. “Don’t be so judgy, Pax. There’s nothing wrong with a little wake and bake. Weed’s legal in Alaska, even if the Fed’s haven’t gotten on board.”




microfiction (<250 words), flash (250 to 1000), lots of 100- and 50-word stories

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Jim Latham

Jim Latham

| Very short fiction @ Jim’s Shorts | He/His |

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