Feature Update

Jina Now → Multimodal Neural Search meets NoCode

With the latest update of Jina NOW, you can quickly build and deploy multimodal Neural Search in the cloud without writing a single line of code!

Shubham Saboo
Jina AI
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2 min readJul 4, 2022


Quick Recap

Jina NOW is a first-of-its-kind neural search-as-service that lets you create and deploy search solutions with Jina using pre-built functionalities. It enables you to build customized neural search without writing any line of code. Check out the launch blog post for more details.

Getting Started

All you need to get started with Jina NOW is to install the library from PyPI and follow the simple instructions depending on your usecase.

Install Jina NOW

You can install the Jina NOW independently via pip. The only requirement is to have Python 3.7+ installed on your system. You can use the following command:

pip install jina-now

What’s New?

Jina NOW is Multimodal and supports multiple data types!

TLDR; watch this short video by our Engineering Lead, Florian Hoenicke to understand everything that is new and possible with Jina NOW 👇

Here is the detailed list of features supported by Jina NOW after the latest release:

  • ✍️ Text-to-Text Search: Jina NOW supports text search that will allow you to index textual data and semantically search through it. Try out the hosted Lyrics search example here.
  • 🎶 Music-to-Music Search: Build your own Shazam with Jina NOW and search for your favorite songs. Try out the hosted music search example here.
  • 🕹 Social Sharing: Don’t build great things in silos. Now you can directly share your deployed applications on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn from the comfort of the user Interface.

That’s all for this version, but stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Sneak Peek into Future Updates 👀

  • User Interface: To make Jina NOW accessible to all we will be coming up with an intuitive user interface that will let you deploy your applications with just a few clicks.
  • Finetuner Integration: Integrating Jina AI’s finetuner to finetune the data on the cloud and improve performance on the go!