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Jina Rewind ⬅️ Monitoring for Core, CLIP-as-service for Visual Reasoning!

New releases, product updates, and all things Jina!

New Releases

Jina Core

Jina core gets upgraded to 3.4.0 🎉

🖥 We have introduced the new monitoring feature in the core that will allow you to observe the performance of your system. You can monitor the performance of your Executor and the complete Flow with the help of Prometheus and build a Grafana dashboard to gain better insights on how your system works.

You can run the following command to start the monitoring dashboard 👇

from jina import Flowf = Flow(monitoring=True).add().add()with f:

Running the above code will produce the following dashboard 👇

To see the full list of changes since the previous release, check out the following link. Upgrade to the latest version usingpip install -U jina to enjoy the latest features!


clip-as-service gets upgraded to 0.4.3 🎉

⚡️ You can now serve the CLIP models by leveraging Nvidia TensorRT (with 15% faster inference). Read more about the Nvidia TenorRT Support here.

Update the clip_server by running the following commands:

pip install -U nvidia-pyindex
pip install -U "clip_server[tensorrt]"

python -m clip_server tensorrt-flow.yml

Check out the release notes of CLIP-as-service here.

Visual Reasoning with CLIP-as-service

Now you can do simple visual reasoning with CLIP-as-service that includes object recognition, object counting, color recognition, and spatial relation understanding.

You can try it out with a simple CURL command (No Installation needed); check out the example below to see how it works 👇

You need to install jq (a JSON processor) to prettify the results.

Community Spotlight

Last week with the launch of Jina NOW, we announced the Jina NOW swag giveaway contest for the community to come up with unique use cases and push their creativity!

🏆 Here are the winners from the swag giveaway contests:

Weekly Blogs

Contribute to our Good First Issues Repo

Our good first issues repo features some great issues for those looking to take their first steps into open source with Jina. Check them out here:

Life at Jina

Our Head of Engineering, Maximilian Werk was recently featured on the Tech in Ten podcast by the Venturi Group to give his insights into building a successful career in machine learning.

🎧 Tune in to the podcast here

Join our Communities

Venture into the exciting world of Neural Search with Jina’s Learning Bootcamp. Get certified and be a part of Jina’s Hall of Fame! 🏆

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the upcoming products and features from Jina AI! 👋



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