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Alabama Alabama Alabama
  • Most of the country supports first trimester abortions: A minority position is being allowed to become law for the strong majority. It’s a symptom of a system in which elections do not serve their intended purpose — to elect officials who represent our extrapolated volition. The new law is undemocratic. This means something if you are a supporter of democracy. (I should note that I’m skeptical of democracy — it’s imperfect. But theocracy is worse, full stop.) In a well-functioning democracy, every person who voted for the law would be replaced with someone who actually represents American values. The fact that so many lawmakers eagerly voted against the interests of their constituents is deeply troubling.
  • Abortion laws are ineffectual: Abortion bans do not limit the number of abortions — they just make them worse. Much as how patent laws and tax laws often fail to do what they are intended to do, morality laws are exploited and ignored; in the present case, to the avoidable peril and suffering of many women.
  • Roe v Wade still stands: In the latest case of states misunderstanding how states’ rights should work, Alabama (also Georgia) layered their restrictions on top of another restriction. Roe v Wade and the precedents the popped out of it is already a restrictive federal standard. States’ rights were instated in order to allow states to escape the tyranny of federal government, not create draconic, fascist sub-nations.

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