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Futureproof your career in Web 3.0

Why would I?:

Why would you want to work in Web3? Well…

It will impact almost every industry in the upcoming decades. The growth of Web3 offers a chance of becoming an expert in the field by hopping on the train early. The brightest minds are moving into Web3 and joining crypto companies or DAOs.

It’s simply interesting to work with new technology and deliver solutions that can truly affect the way a modern world works. Surrounding yourself with talented people and a growth-driven environment accelerates personal development. The full transition from the existing Internet to Web3 will take decades but the process will fundamentally shift how we interact with the Web. To make the first step into futureproofing your career…

What you need to learn about:

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology:

A blockchain is a digital log of duplicated transactions distributed across the blockchain’s complete network of computer systems. Blockchains are a fantastic piece of technology, but they aren’t easy to understand. To comprehend what you’ll subsequently build on, you’ll need to devote some time to it.

Learn About Smart Contracts and Solidity:

Smart contracts are how the blockchain can be programmed. They are pieces of code that have been distributed to the blockchain and are written in a language that blockchain nodes can understand. Smart contracts are immutable and complex pieces of code that work within the blockchain. Solidity is the language most commonly used for writing smart contacts so it’s a tool every aspiring web3 dev should know. A large part of programmers also uses Remix IDE to write, compile, and deploy the contracts. When a local development environment is needed, tools like Truffle or Hardhat can be also handy tools in your skillset.

Web3 libraries/dApps:

dApps (Decentralized applications) serves to allow users to interact with the blockchain easily. PancakeSwap or OpenSea or some of the most known dApps at the moment. You can use them to make transactions and interact with smart contracts in different ways. Using a web3 library, developers can build decentralized applications that operate within the blockchain or interact with it, such as ethers.js or web3.js.

Learn Web3.js and Ethers.js to connect your dAPP: Knowing all of the above, you can start using Web3.js to create clients that interface with the Ethereum Blockchain(despite all of the Ethereum’s downsides it’s a good starting point thanks to its popularity). It’s a set of libraries that allows you to transfer ETH between accounts, read and write data from smart contracts as well as build them. The ethers.js library is supposed to be a complete and lightweight interface, both to the Blockchain and its ecosystem. Currently, it has evolved into a more general-purpose library.

Join Communities: The popularity of programming languages and their lifespan is highly dependent on the community around them. The same goes for web3 solutions, especially at the stage it’s at. Communities share knowledge, can help you land a job, build a better network and make a name for yourself.

Create a Portfolio and Build Projects: Having a well-planned portfolio of projects can steer your career in the direction you want to go or make you drift without a goal. As beneficial as it can be, it also needs to showcase where your focus is at. Build, test, deploy, promote…and do it again and again if you want to work in this profession.


Web3 will hopefully create a more democratic Internet by allowing individuals to be truly self-dependent. Web3’s decentralized blockchain is a quite new land of opportunities to discover. The protocols will allow developers to build a new quality of the internet where users can own their data and are properly compensated for it. Such sovereignty means more control over one’s information which entails a huge demand for new, innovative digital products. If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for in Tech jobs, you’re right on time to join the movement.



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