Team Management: How We Do It At JJUMPP

One of the most exciting parts of working at JJUMPP is working as a team. We’re small enough to know each other well, but constantly growing. Effective communication and team management is essential for us as we grow. At JJUMPP, we have an open office plan. Sales, developers, customer support, marketing, retention, and our management are all on the same floor. Despite that, we’ve found that team management goes much better with a little software to back things up. We’re a high energy company and interruptions derail momentum. What’s more, as we continually add new members to our team, we need seamless transitions to keep up productivity. Here are some of our favorite team management tools and tips!

Software Management


Slack is easily the most used software in our office. Slack is a team messaging and file sharing app. Each person can message direct to other members of the team, or join a channel to chat in a group. It is essential as we work on our new Springboard software. The design team can share files directly with the developers. Project leaders can comment and ask questions, as well as keep track of the progress as it moves between teams. We use a general channel to announce company wide information, recent successes, and shout-outs. For all the other chitchat around the office from Call of Duty to Spikeball challenges, we use a random channel. Slack keeps our team running smooth, without interruptions. It’s fully functional on Android and IOS, as well. Best of all, it’s free!


Although similar to Slack, some of our teams use Asana for project progress. Take, for example, our marketing team. Projects involve our content writers, web developers, designers, and other marketing members. Asana helps us plan different tasks, assigning due dates, descriptions, and steps to accomplish team goals.

The Big 3 on Formstack

Every week, each member of JJUMPP from the newest member to the management submit what we call the Big 3. Each person has weekly objectives and tasks to reach and report on. We use Formstack to organize and generate those reports. Management can easily see the completion rates and progress on various office projects.

As you can see, our team uses software to communicate more effectively and report on tasks. However, there are also other team things we do to build unity and work efficiently.

Team Building

Stand-Up Meetings

Every week, the whole office stands up in a circle to here an update on company progress. The executive team acknowledges standout performances from various teams. Someone will always share a positive focus for the week, as well. It gives our management an opportunity to fill in the whole team about project progress, recent hires, and overall focus for the week.

Camp outs and BBQ’s

Obviously we don’t camp out at the office, but having a company BBQ or going up the canyon for a weekend has really brought our team together. It helps bridge the gap between different teams. At the office, everyone is more familiar with each other and everyone is happy coming to work.

Working the JJUMPP Way

These are the best practices and software that has helped us. Whatever size or state your business is in, your team will benefit from good communication and team management. What resources or tips do you have as a business owner? Comment here or on our Twitter or Instagram.

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