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The place I destined myself — one corner of the world — NordKapp(North Cape) 71°10'21”

When I was 12 years old, my dad was working in Brunei. A foreign country out of India where he discovered how important is English medium(additional) of education for the next generation people. So he did all he could to move me out of my village government school which provide Tamil Medium of education to a town 73Km away where I could get English medium of education(adding to the Tamil). It was a 2 year of education staying in hostel where I am able to learn more about myself. I was able to meet diverse people from different parts of the state of Tamil Nadu*. That was the start of my travel life where I moved away from home.

It’s been almost 16+ years I have been traveling. Every 2–4years I moved to a different place where it provided me a chance to meet many people, learn from them and that inspired me to travel more and explore the world of culture.

In this 16years I have met more than 50+ nationalities and different cultures. The people from a different culture are not just simple identity but they bring the lessons from 100000+years of their ancestors. It’s not stoppable knowledge keep getting passed into every new generation. The amount of knowledge we can borrow and share from them is very valuable. An incredibly powerful activity to help humanity to solve problems. I wish all of us has the chance to go to a new place, learn a new culture and embrace new things.

The easy way to learn some of this from our home is reading books. It’s better than nothing. However, meeting the people in face to face provides a lot of opportunities to discover more about them and have clarity while spending time with them.

So looking back I could tell that movement of myself have to lead to experience the beautiful things in the world, meet kindest people and their knowledge has made me think how I can pass this knowledge to the community am living or wherever am going in future.

My purpose here is not to share the 100% right things because am not that 100% guy but what I have explored and experienced so far. All of the learnings what I had is observed and then testing on my own. So this simple journal is a means of exploration for the people who read it. This should give a bit of idea on what to experiment next in your life and how to learn your own lessons from travel as well.

I have tried to connect those ideas with our day to day life in family, friendship, how we deal with people in public, as an individual, working in a multi-cultured office, healthy life, eating habits, hobbies, choosing a career, working in our personal projects, startups and anything you could imagine. Everything we do has the root mindset that defines how our perspectives are and how we approach.

This mindset could be simple things like taking transport to another place or even solving the biggest problems your community or organization is facing.

So by here, I leave it to you to explore and take the things from the way you like it.

A lot of people already have mentioned how important a traveling could be enriching self-awareness and knowledge of the world 🌎. I would like to share some of the things

Tamil Nadu is a State in India

**Most of the case I don’t want to hide the real feelings what I had in every moment. There were sometimes am creepy, admiring someone beauty, etc. so just give me the permission to share those! My past is not my future. Am every day new, so you cannot judge :D :D




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