27 Days In

The problem with pets

I am going to kill him……

Maybe something sneaky like rat poison in his breakfast…. or I know! The old he “tripped down the stairs” routine….. no wait he’s too smart for that one.

I’m not sure how I’ll do it, but it is coming.

For I am the angel of death!

And I will end that god forsaken monkey…..

Today is my 27th day on the job. 22 days since I started work at the JL. For 22 straight days I have spent my mornings cleaning up monkey poop. I don’t know how the little B$@%@! does it, but somehow he manages to get it everywhere. Everywhere….

The WTs do nothing about it. Who raised those kids! You would think it would be so simple.

Shape of a dust pan! Form of Responsibility!

What an idea…….

SM calls himself a leader, yet he sets no examples….

F could finish the job in one second, but hardly lifts a finger….

MtM just phases right through it, so I doubt he’ll want to help….

22 days straight….

The weekend guy says “I am a lucky guy, and that I have it easy”. He says “On Saturdays AM usually brings home a whale or two”. And he says “Let me tell you, I have seen some S$%&, some real big S#*@ friend.”

Yeah, Lucky guy. Sure, whatever you say.

All I know is that monkey is a dead man walking….

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