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Jessica Lee
Apr 23, 2018 · Unlisted


Late last year the Core product team at Figure 1 was looking to hone in on the metrics that matter in order for us to better understand user retention. The actions we allowed on our cases were confusing and it was brought up many times in user interviews that our users didn’t understand what certain buttons meant. We wanted to simplify the actions on our cases so we could get a clearer picture of what it means when users take actions on our cases.

Before: These were the actions users were able to perform on our cases: Comment, Follow, Favourite, Share. In addition, within the Detail view, users could also Follow (User following) and Categorize

The two objectives for this case action refresh:

The final changes ended up like so.

Phase 1 changes

  • Changed profile images to circle shapes to better visually distinguish different content types
  • Increased caption font size from 14pt to 15pt
  • Replaced User Following button with tappable username Title
  • Emphasized user Specialty over Username + Verified status in Detail view
  • Changed comment sorting from Top, New, Old to All specialties comments vs. Physician comments
  • Removed Categorize button and moved the Category tags into Overflow menu

Phase 2 changes

  • Separated buttons from signals (removed counts in Feed) and made them consistent (Button icon + label)
  • Added a “View comments” CTA
  • Displayed action counts in detail view
Replacing the Favourite button with the Save button coincided with the development of another feature Figure 1 was developing in tandem; a way to save cases into collection.


Toronto-based Product Designer currently working @Figure 1


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Toronto-based Product Designer currently working @Figure 1