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Credit Mckee Medical Center

Being a nurse is one of the most selfless jobs in the world. Even before the pandemic, these health professionals put their lives on the line for the health of the world. But since the pandemic, this responsibility and role of nurses in keeping our society safe has been dramatically increased.

One of the most compelling parts of this story is how the nurses have had to learn all this new information on the fly. Usually, patients come into a hospital and the nurses have a plan of action and know how to treat it. With COVID-19, this process has been reversed. There were millions of people around the globe traveling to hospitals to get treated for COVID-19, but as such a new virus, understanding how to treat those patients was a learning process for the nurses. Much different than normal education, nurses were thrown into the fire to try to figure it out.

Bouncing off of this point, I think it will be very telling to discuss with the nurses about how their jobs have changed. Obviously everyone’s jobs changed because of the pandemic, but I think nurses have had to completely shift everything they do to take into account that they are still doing their normal jobs, just during a pandemic.

With such a sudden change to how nursing is done, it is important to talk about the mental, emotional and physical state of nurses. As one of the most direct frontline workers, how have they been able to navigate these times and stay sane in the face of chaos? It is also important to see how the hospital and other hospitals are coping for this chaos and ensuring their employees have a safe and positive work environment. Are there steps being made to make sure nurses are safe and happy?

After discussing with people at the hospital about my story, they assured me that I will be able to take photos in the hospital. They laid out a few ground rules, such as, if I take a picture of a patient I will need their permission to do so. The majority of pictures I will be taking will be action shots of nurses preparing doses, using machines, doing paperwork, showing all the jobs they have taken on during the pandemic.

I have a lot of excitement behind this story and I can see some of my ideas starting to specify and really shape it. Getting all this planning done has really helped me think about the topics I will cover before even writing. With my game-plan for interviewing and photographing nurses around the hospital, I am confident that I will be able to get more than enough information and media to tell this story properly. I will continue to move forward and improve the plan I have for my story.



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