Community Support, Now Online

If I were to help out the Tofte family it would through Facebook. Facebook’s platform helps unite communities by helping people find their lost pets, selling unwanted furniture, and helping bring awareness to tragedies in one’s community.

Smoke by Stayton courtesy of Brooke Herbert

Facebook is also an awesome platform for raising awareness in one’s community. Facebook friends are often people someone knows through school, work, or lives nearby. Facebook helps people find others they might know through Facebook groups or recommended friends.

Facebook also has a feature that unlocks during natural disasters. During a natural disaster if one logs into Facebook they can mark themselves as safe so that friends and family can see.

Bringing awareness is one thing, but helping the Tofte family rebuild is another. Facebook events and groups would make it easy to help the Tofte family get volunteer labor for anything they might need. Cleaning up rubble is one way a community can help an exhausted and ravished family. Community members also can organize getting the Tofte family food. Feeding oneself after a tragedy can be difficult.

Facebook is an amazing way to bring awareness to tragedy in a community and also mobilize members to take real action.



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Emily Gutierrez; student and optimist.