JMS 215 Weekly Post #3

Social media challenges have become famous or infamous for a variety of reasons the past few years. The famous Ice Bucket Challenge seemed rather harmless, as it was aimed towards a good cause in raising awareness for ALS. However, certain challenges have pushed the envelope for going beyond politically incorrect, but being pushed to offensive and shameful.

The Holocaust Challenge is something that never should have started in the first place. What is there to gain from this? People attempting to make themselves look like Holocaust victims who were brutally killed and tortured is not something that should be used for any purpose, let alone entertainment on TikTok. This challenge is a prime example of the dark side of social media.

I believe some social media challenges can have the goal of creating a positive change. However, if one becomes popular enough, I think that people can tend to lose sight of why they are completing the challenge in the first place. For example, my elementary school group of friends participated in the Ice Bucket challenge. At the time, I don’t remember thinking to myself, “This is to raise awareness of ALS.” I wanted to do the challenge, because my friends were doing it. I think the bandwagon effect is at the heart of most social media challenges. If they are doing it, why shouldn’t I do it? This idea penetrates a lot of young people’s minds. In my opinion, this causes the core values of well-intentioned challenged to be lost in translation.



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