Story Pitch

Credit: Banner Mckee

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of student’s on the job training has completely changed. But Ben has seen a huge shift in his hands-on education. As a nursing major, Ben has worked as a CNA before, but since the pandemic, his job has completely changed. Nurses across the country are having this same sudden shift of responsibility as they try to re-learn their jobs on the fly.

My story will detail this shift through the eyes of a UNC Nursing student that is about to graduate, and has seen the differences from before and after the pandemic. I will also be able to talk to a few other nurses who have years of experience in the field and detail how their lives and career have changed. I will be able to connect nursing students and local nurses to a problem around the country and around the world as we continue to fight through the pandemic and nurses and other frontline workers put their lives on the line. As nurses are one of the direct-most frontline workers, I hope to learn how the pandemic has shifted the way they view their responsibilities as nurses, and how this unprecedented event will change the industry.

To tell this story, I will be using a combination of Instagram and Facebook because those two places are the only platforms that the hospital has a presence. On Facebook, I will do the majority of my writing and storytelling because it has less limitations on text and works well with articles. On Instagram, I will supplement photos and videos to help chronical my subject and to promote my stories on Facebook. To get visual elements for the story, I will have to talk more with the hospital about what is or isn’t allowed. I should be able to get some good visual elements to help with my story. I just have to ensure I follow all of the hospital’s safety and privacy protocols and be creative with my material.



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