Weekly Post 12

Tik-Tok blew up the internet in the United States when it was release in late 2018. Personally I never got into Tik-Tok because I’m not really a sit and watch a video person. I’m more of a have a video on in the background while I'm doing other things kind of guy, which YouTube is still the king of. So now that it is taken down, I don’t have any personal feelings about the situation However, that doesn’t mean I agree with the actions that were taken by the United Stated Government.

The Chinese company built up a huge worldwide following. With all social media companies, concerns over consumer privacy and data collection rose and skepticism of the company was already high. However, it seemed as though the latter part is what scared Trump the most. While Tik-Tok does collect data from its’ users, it does it in the same ways the American companies are collecting it. Google and Facebook are known for scraping your contacts and collecting as much information about you as they can. Tik-tok does the same thing. The only difference between these companies is where their headquarters is located. The thought of a Chinese company collecting American data sounded scary to many.

The United States Government has only shown mild interest in holding American Social Media companies accountable, but when a Chinese company basically acts like an American company, that is supposedly more of a threat than the American companies. While relations with China are not good, to me it is clear that the main reason is that United States Government knows how much they gain from data collection from social media, so they don’t want to give that up. However, when they aren’t the beneficiary, it is a lot easier to act on it. They can at least pretend like they disapprove data collection if they go after only companies outside the United States, even though most of the data collection issues and companies are in the United States. All in all, the Government doesn’t want China getting the same benefits from Tik-Tok that they get from Google and Facebook. In a hypocritical move, the United States decided to ban the app from the United States. It could be argued that the United States shouldn’t trust China with our data. But I think if you make that argument, you also believe that the United States shouldn’t have access to data either. By taking this stance, the United Sates muddied the water on their stance of data collection, discouraging it abroad while embracing it at home.



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