Weekly Post 3

Internet challenges can be a fun trend that can be used to promote something good. Like you said, the best example of this is the ALS ice bucket challenge. This is still the only internet challenge I have completed, and at this point, it probably will be the only one I ever do. While this challenge actually raised awareness on how ALS feels and raised money for the cause, most of these challenges have the complete opposite effect on society. The worst example I can think of is the tide pods challenge. It wasn’t even a challenge, really. It was a bunch of kids eating tide pods and going to the emergency room. Not all challenges are as dangerous as tide pods or as insensitive as the “holocaust challenge.” Some challenges are just stupid. For example, the banana sprite challenge has “contestants” eat 2 bananas and then quickly drink a can of sprite. While you won’t be taking a trip to the emergency room, you are probably going to vomit.

Most of these challenges involve hurting or making yourself ill for entertainment purposes. The problem is that with each challenge, the stakes get higher and higher. There isn’t the same physical harm trend with the “holocaust challenge”, but it’s absolutely just as, if not more damaging than any other challenge. Overall, challenges are often harmful in different ways, and I wish more people used the ice bucket challenge model and not the tide pod model.



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