Weekly Post 6

The Huxley story was one that I had never heard of until now. To me, it makes sense why so many people are mad.

The Stauffer’s adopted Huxley, knowing of his developmental issues. It seems that they didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into and just figured they knew how to handle it. Adopting Huxley seems to me to be more about gaining an audience on YouTube or other social media sites. Because they didn’t do their do-diligence, they had to re-home the child, which looks bad no matter what.

While they seemed to have went about he-homing Huxley in the right way, the internet was still outraged at the monetization of a child that had no say and ultimately not the Stauffer’s kid anymore. The Change.org petition: “Remove Myka Stauffer’s MONETIZED YouTube videos exploiting a special needs child” was signed by more than 150,000 people led to Myka removing her pictures and videos of Huxley on her social media and YouTube accounts. The Stauffer’s have since lost sponsorships and been under investigation to ensure Huxley finds a safe home, and ultimately the petition was closed.

Given the Stauffer’s response to the internet outrage, I personally believe there is something more to this story than their level of fame of money. While it may have been part of the intention originally, the Stauffer’s did care for the child, taking him to many medical physical and mental evaluations which ultimately advised the removal of the child from the home. After all options were exhausted, the family felt they had no choice but to give the child up, even though they loved him.

I do however, disagree with the Stauffer’s monetization of the child and I hope that if anything comes out of this, it is a warning to parents to not monetize their child’s existence on social media. I would like to see some government action that provides rights to children on social media not just for monetization, but for their privacy as well.

Myka Stauffer has also wrote a length apology on her Instagram, where she admits she was not prepared. See full apology: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB1b6ExAv0R/



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