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​​Coding So Far

​​ Sometimes you just got to look back and see how far you’ve come.

​​Coding is a great skill that anyone could learn. It’s frustrating to know that this statement is not completely true. Coding is a great skill that some could learn and still can come back for more. Coding can be hard for those who are below or on the so-called ‘learning curve’. But one thing that is true for all whoever is crazy enough to try, it’s frustrating.

​​The Why

​​You get stuck out the blue. You find solutions out of the blue. That semicolon is still missing somewhere. That variable isn’t spelled the same. Some questions are hard to phrase when you don’t even the problem.

​​Once you create that first project, it’s hard to not want to do this. Creating something just by typing words a certain way, in a certain order, can produce a working product.

​​When I started coding my sophomore year of college, I thought that I wished that I had known about this years ago. I could have been ahead of the curve. But there is a reason I didn’t know that you could just start coding just by typing ‘Hello World’.

​​It took me years to figure out where in the programming world I wanted to be. I decided to learn web development. Web development can be the quickest programming language to learn as far quick turn around for projects. You create a web page under 30 minutes and add on some JavaScript for interactions and done. But if you take the design element of web development, that 30 minutes become 2 hours and that web page is actually appealing to the eye.

​​My Journey Itself

​​I started in June 2016. I was unemployed and bored. I tried Android development by learning Java, but that was a time consuming task. I found out quickly that my laptop didn’t have the RAM to even think about Android development. Compiling the code alone was slow and took too long.

​​So I stopped coding. I had to find a something that would not kill my laptop RAM, something lightweight.

​​Web Development seem simple for my computer to handle. I started in Free Code Camp. I could get through the lessons without wanting to throw my laptop. I got to the point where I wanted to do more. I got tired of going through the lessons. So I found a coding challenge, 30 Days 30 Sites. This obvious took me more than 30 days and to this day, I have not finished. It’s 2019 by the way. I got through a lot of web pages. I even made multiple web pages for some of the prompts.

​​Then, I ran out of juice. I was coming up with layouts for each web page. I was trying to do something different each page. Then it became draining. My creative juice with low.

​​While I was doing 30 Day 30 Sites, I was also continuing with Free Code Camp Front end certificate. I was so close to completing it. I was 2 projects from completing it. Then they revised the lessons and added in new requirements and new certificates. So I left for awhile.

​​I started leaning toward YouTube for tutorials. I would set there working through the tutorials. YouTube is where I learned JavaScript more in-depth. Free Code Camp introduced it, but it’s something about hearing someone explain it that makes it easier to gasp.

​​At some point, I wanted to create more web pages. I was fresh out of ideas. So I started looking towards my interests. I’ve made a lot of web page just off random topics.

  • ​​Imagine Dragons
  • ​​Looney Tunes
  • ​​Wakanda Name Generator
  • ​​Grand Theft Auto
  • ​​God of War V


​​Now it’s hard to know where I am right now. I’m in a place where coding isn’t a priority, but it’s a constant to-do in my mind. I guess a lot of elements have not align to keep me going. But there is enough passion there to keep me constantly thinking about the next project or the tutorial to follow. I would say it’s been 2 months since my last project. It’s been 1 month since the last web page I created. 2 months since my last tutorial. My excuse seems valet though. It’s hard to see code on an iPad. A solution would be to let my apple TV play the tutorials.

​​I am still debating on whether to come back to Free Code Camp. I’m on and off with Free Code Camp. I occasionally come back to do a lesson or project. With the new site, using RAM is now a concern. I am also debating on 30 Days 30 Sites. I want to see if in 30 days, can I complete 30 webpages. This would involve coming up with new ideas and new products to pick for each prompt. This time, it would involve using JavaScript, Sass, and CSS Variables.


​​Unfortunately, I’m not looking for employment. I haven’t came across the best fit for me. I don’t see it happening right now. Maybe a year from now, maybe not. If I find the place for employment, then I will take that opportunity.




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