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Midyear Web Dev Plan

With a midyear summary, there must be a mid-year project update. A more detailed inside on the projects that I have been working on.

In the midst of starting a new job, I have stopped coding. I stopped my day once I clock out. Starring at a screen intensely for hours, makes me want to sit in the dark. And that’s what I’ve been doing after work. I feel like I am adjusting to where my eyes don’t hurt. I started working in the dark with no lights on. I don’t need to see while working, so no lights need to be on.

My new plan going forward

  • No working on the weekend
  • No late afternoon shifts; try to finish by 3 pm
  • Start small, gain momentum
  • Code on the weekend more because coding during the week may be hard

Coding Projects

30 Days 30 Sites

Keep learning while coding, I have decided to learn something new or watch a new tutorial before starting a new webpage. I wanted to add some new elements to the webpages I was creating. I didn’t want it to be the same thing over and over.

Learning New Elements

Starting out, I want to review a Sass tutorial. I don’t think I fully got what I can do with this the first time I learned this. So I am going through another tutorial and maybe every webpage created going forward will use Sass. I don’t know why, but I have to do a tutorial every time I try to use CSS Grid. Fifth times a charm guess. I want to Designing webpages and coding them properly. My Figma designs are aligning with my coding and I want to make this process more efficient. There are also adding transitions, animations, and some JavaScript functions to add my projects.



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