Top free UX design books

Joash Pereira
Jul 26, 2016 · 2 min read

From the web and mobile design to prototyping and typography, e-Books are an amazing treasure trove of knowledge. Here’s my list of the top free UX design books to learn from. These below books have nourished my knowledge in UX design.

1) UX Design Process Best Practices

UX Design Process Best Practices is a complete, all-encompassing guide on UX design, running through the design process step by step with explanations of the best documentation, why they’re useful, and how to create them. Created by our collaborative design platform, think of this book as a reference guide on the complete design process — useful if you ever find yourself stuck.
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2) UX Design for Startups

Marcin Tender the CEO of UXPin which is used by designers of Google, Apple and so. This book covers on the efficient design techniques, how to know your users, growth & design hacking and also the tools used in industry for a better UX design in startups. This is one of my favorite books in UX design.
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3) Designing a Brilliant User Experience Through Color, Font, and Icons

Designing a Brilliant User Experience Through Color, Font, and Icons takes a focused approach by discussing only techniques using the three areas in the title. With in-depth examinations of each of the three main topics, this guidebook is that deep dive you’ve been craving.
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4) Six Circles: An Experience Design Framework

According to author James Kelway, UX design is comprised of six main areas or circles. Six Circles: An Experience Design Framework goes through each, dissecting popular UX tactics like immersion, Hick’s Law, and affordances along the way.
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5) Tell-Tale Indicators of Counterfeit UX Design

Dr. Eric Schaffer CEO, and founder of Human Factors International created this to make it easy for UX professionals and hiring managers to separate authentic UX design from the growing number of UX imposters. His observations on bad UX actually double as tips and advice for UX practitioners. So if you make the same mistake twice, shame on you.
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6) The Future of Enterprise UX

Amanda Linden is head of design at Asana the famous project management tool. This book covers the business case for designing enterprise products that deliver “consumer-grade” UX and the elements of the experience that benefit from additional in- vestment. Also her own Enterprise UX case studies at Asana and Intuit.
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7) The 23-Point UX Checklist

During the design process, some flaws in your product will go unnoticed. Those little (or sometimes big) things can do a lot to hurt the experience that the user has while using your software. This book is just a list of points for you to check before the design is signed off.
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