A new Suggested Tweet button (Week 3)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Apr 24, 2018 · 2 min read
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If you go to my personal job board from today, you’ll see a new button that says ‘Suggested Tweet’.

The point of Job Garden is to spread the word about great jobs with great companies. So I figured I would make sharing easier.

The button doesn’t auto tweet. It just suggests some text instead. This is standard behaviour for Twitter’s provided integration (called Web Intents), and it’s the right thing to do… but for some reason, their standard provided button simply reads ‘Tweet’ which would imply that it’s going to automatically send something out to all my followers, right? My hunch is that puts people off. It definitely puts me off. So I’ve labelled the button clearly instead.

Here’s what you see if you click the button:

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Note that the suggested text reads ‘my personal job board’. If you were to click the Suggested Tweet button, it will notice you’re not me, and suggest ‘@genmon’s job board’

I have an allergic reaction to tweets that pretend they are written by humans but are actually made by machines. So there’s a robot emoji.

I also like to see the difference between regular tweets and ‘announce’ tweets. So there’s a megaphone emoji.

You can edit the text, maybe to @-mention someone who you think should really, really see a job. When you’re happy, hit the tweet button.

Here’s how it appears my timeline:

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Oh, looking at that tweet I’m reminded another thing! I’m promoting an extra startup since last week: BuffaloGrid. It’s run by a couple of friends, they have an INCREDIBLE mission to bring affordable power to a billion people, and they’re hiring now. See BuffaloGrid’s company page on Job Garden here.

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