A pre-history of weeknotes, plus why I write them and perhaps why you should too (Week 16)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Jul 24, 2018 · 10 min read
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Bryan Boyer’s weeknotes aggregator, weeknotes.com, from December 2009

A pre-history of weeknotes

I wrote the first ever weeknote in August 2009 at BERG and here it is: Week 217. Like anything new, the origin is fuzzier than that.

Why write these things anyway

I’ve not been involved in the public weeknotes scene for some time. It’s grown and become its own culture which is delightful (though capped by the general decline in blogging over time, which is a shame but perhaps reversible).

  • a feeling of being in the middle of things. The rhythm helps with that: a regular sampling frequency means you don’t just report on projects and ideas when they’re finished, which is the normal temptation. Benefit: the “work in progress” feeling encourages others to jump in.
  • written by an individual. The person with the conch might change week to week, but in my view the single perspective is vital. Individuals have fully rounded interests: yes this person is reporting on projects, but they’re also alive with feelings, and oh by the way they’ve also gone out and got ice creams for the office because it was hot this week.

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