Colourful profile images, company descriptions, and more ways to keep an eye on jobs, all launching today for our first birthday (Week 53)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Apr 10, 2019 · 3 min read
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Week 53! It’s a whole year since launch—check out that . Happy first birthday to Job Garden 🎂

To celebrate, we have a ton of new features, all launching today.

Colourful icons for companies!

The site has had a refresh, and all the companies a gardener endorses are now in their own tab. With the extra space, there’s room to show an icon for each company. Don’t they look neat :)

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That’s the main job board page. Not a huge amount has changed there, but check this out…

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…it’s the new company page.

Companies now have descriptions!

The text under the company’s name comes directly from their homepage. One of the things we found was that, as a job seeker, when you tap through to a job board, it’s really hard to tell whether a company is going to be interesting to you or not. This isn’t the entire response to that problem, but descriptions and colourful icons go a long way to helping.

(Descriptions are the result of the .)

Incidentally, the company in that screen grab, Winnow… they just shipped their v2 product, an that is already in use across IKEA to save food in commercial kitchens. They’re hiring for everything from machine learning to account management so 👉 .


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When you sign in, you’ll get your own personal, private watchlist.

This lets you watch as many gardeners as you want, and see all the jobs in one place. Nobody else will know.

Previously this functionality was only available as a weekly email. The weekly email is still available, but you can see the jobs, live, on the website too.


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Add individual companies to your watchlist too.

Now when you see a company on Job Garden, you can watch it specifically and get it on your watchlist. So if you want to keep tabs on your favourite startups, just in case your ideal role pops up, this is for you.

Ok. That’ll do for today. This is work that Phil has been leading on —so, nice one Phil 🙇

It’s super good to get these features shipped not only because they make Job Garden more useful for job seekers, but because they’re features on a roadmap that has been prioritised with early users. I like adding features in response to requests.

Next up… well, we’ll see. There’s a birthday to celebrate first.

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