It’s amazing it’s taken so long: pagination (Week 23)

Handy Pagination Widgets as seen in the wild

Hey, so remember I mentioned there were some really long job boards I had bubbling away? For example, there’s one that isn’t public yet that aggregates 13 companies that between then have 485 open roles.

Well instead of showing all the jobs in a big list, there are now Handy Pagination Widgets™ to go between pages. If you’d like to take a look, they’re live on Keji’s job board.

Funny story, I wasn’t going to launch pagination this week.

This week I’ve been working on adding more companies behind the scenes, getting ready to launch a few more job boards (there are five in progress). So that means I’ve been building out the admin system even more so I can keep track of progress (it’s great to find new edge cases and deal with them). And also considering how to capture location metadata to help focus down the longer job boards. Etc. So I’ve been doing that.

Then I got to the bit of the week where I ask myself, well what shall I write about for Job Garden #weeknotes this week? I have a goal to launch something user-facing ever week, no matter how small. I don’t always achieve that, but writing this weekly blog post is a good pacer to keep me launching stuff regularly… or, if there’s nothing to launch, to reflect on why not.

This week there was nothing to launch.

Then I thought: well, the job boards need pagination. And I’ve built all the pagination code already for my own admin tools, surely it wouldn’t be too much work to re-use the same code for the public bit of the site. So 20 minutes later, just so I had something to say here, and there’s probably a lesson in that, I launched pagination on the live site.

A small improvement, but big improvements are made out of small improvements a thousand times.