Making the job board more useful by focusing it on a single city, in this case London (Week 10)

Mobile view. The job board now shows only London jobs by default

The homepage job board now shows only London jobs by default. You can tap a link to see jobs from anywhere.

(Actually it shows jobs that are labeled as located in London or “remote.”)

This week I’ve been adding hiring page integrations.

Number of hiring page systems supported by the Job Garden sync code, this week: 7.

(Up from 4 three weeks ago.)

Why? I’m speaking with a handful of people who would like their own job boards. Alpha users, if you like. Each alpha user has given me a list of 6–12 companies they would endorse, and so I’m going through and making sure that Job Garden can integrate with their hiring pages. Along the way I’ve been improving the syncing code, so each time an integration is built, it gets simpler to build the next.

I’m using last week’s demo feature to preview these new job boards, ahead of sharing them with my alpha crew.

It was at that point that I noticed that some job boards were way, way too long, and filtering them somehow would be useful. So I’m trying that out in the smallest possible way by filtered my personal job board down to London. Of course for other people it would be focused down on other cities.

Have a look: jobs in London at companies I endorse. This week you can apply for everything from project management to growth; Chief Technology Office to financial controller; community lead to robotics engineer.