New arrivals (Week 33)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Nov 21, 2018 · 3 min read
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Two new job boards this week!

And you may have noticed that I skipped the Week 32 weeknotes (find the weeknotes archive here). The reason why is a THIRD new arrival, which I’ll talk about at the end of this post.

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First things first, please welcome Jeff Veen to Job Garden. Jeff is Design Partner at True Ventures, and previously an amazing founder.

I’m delighted to have Jeff curating opportunities because not only is he connected with some spectacular startups (including Automattic, the company behind Wordpress which now powers 32% of the web), his product eye has already given me great advice.

Check out Jeff Veen’s job board here (and add it your email alerts if any of the companies catch your eye).

The second of our new job boards: say hello to R/GA Ventures! Screenshot at the top of this post.

R/GA Ventures is the innovation arm of the global creative agency R/GA and follows a venture studio model, investing in and supporting startups around themes like sportstech, martech, and connected hardware. There are now almost a hundred startups in the portfolio.

(Full disclosure: I am proud to have been MD of the two Internet of Things themed London programs.)

And now they are using Job Garden to share opportunities in its startups!

Check out the R/GA Ventures job board here.

It’s not quite complete—there are still a bunch of startups to add. “Under Construction” as they used to say. But already 225 roles across 57 companies! So check it out.

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R/GA Ventures launched on Job Garden

R/GA Ventures has quite a reach, and when the board launched with the tweet above… well, the Job Garden server struggled a little.

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When R/GA Ventures launched their new Job Garden job board

Ideally you shouldn’t have graphs that suddenly spike, showing that server capacity has suddenly hit its limits.

Over the following minutes, I increased capacity on the server to keep things running. Then over the next hour, found the hot path in the code and added a little caching. Server load is a good problem to have: it means people are looking! But still… ideally you would plan ahead for it. So an entertaining evening.

I promised you news of a third new arrival: here’s the lovely reason there were no weeknotes last week.

So I’ll be delightedly spending most of my time with our new little one this week and next (and to be honest, as long as I’m able to!), and progress on new features on Job Garden will slow down a little during this time. Not too much I hope, but definitely some.

In the meantime, continue following the now seven curated job boards (SEVEN?? how did that happen??), and I trust that you are enjoying any new arrivals you’ve had this week too, whatever they are.

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